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The ins and outs of Afrikaans poetry

Notes on 10 Afrikaans poems examined by the IEB are available on our Poësie page, including our latest addition to the list: Andre Letoit’s “In en Uit”. We hope that the notes will be of help to you as you prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

To all students, everywhere:

It was in May of this year that, after many months of thinking and procrastinating, I finally created this blog with the vision of providing high-quality study notes to high school students. Originally, I had thought it would be little work: I make notes anyway, so it won’t be any great amount of bother to put them on the internet (I think it’s safe to say that I have never been more wrong).

That was 5 months ago and, in that time, many things have changed. I discovered that taking my notes and making them comprehensible (read: useful) to the general public is actually pretty damn difficult. So I began working straight from the textbooks/class notes I have. I took on a partner, turning this blog into a team effort – it was in June that “The Consulting Student” became “The Consulting Students”. My partner-in-crime is a real asset to this site: without his help, it would not boast as wide a range of notes as it does today.

June also saw us writing exams. And our view counter counted 1359 views, mostly from our school. It set the record for the most views on one day: 275.


Now, in October, we face our final Matric exams. We’ve come a long way since we published our small collection of notes – we have views coming in from all over the world (just today we were visited for the first time by a Spanish reader), we have notes from several guest contributors in Afrikaans and Design, among others, and we would like to think that we are something of a ‘household name’ among terrified students.

Tomorrow, IEB Matrics write Life Sciences Paper One, and OBE Matrics write Physics. Today, we have achieved two milestones: 5000 all-time views AND we’ve broken our previous record for the number of views in one day.


I’d like to thank panicking students everywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


If you want to help us continue to supply study notes for your use and make it possible for us to provide them to students without access to the internet or even actual textbooks, feel free to donate to our cause. The PayPal widget on the side should prove useful in that regard.

And finally, we wish the best of luck to all students writing exams in the coming weeks and hope that we will continue to be your port of call for supplies on the long and arduous sea journey to your Matric certificate. If there is anything you require assistance with, please let us know in the comments.

Thank you to our Poësie contributor:

The Consulting Students wish to extend their thanks to Kelly Fischer, who was so kind as to donate her notes on a wide range of Afrikaans poems for your use. May they serve you well!

A Small Update

Despite a busy schedule, we still manage to find the time to share our study notes with you. And, in recent days, we’ve added a good amount of content to our list:

  • Linear programming over on our Maths Paper One page
  • Evolution of humankind, on our Grade 12 Life Sciences page
  • AP English quotes lists, from works such as The Great Gatsby, Saturday, The Scarlet Letter, Boesman and Lena  and A Doll’s House


We hope that these notes will be useful, and help you pass an exam or two.

Some useful quotes

There are lists of useful quotes for Ian McEwan’s Saturday and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter available for your learning pleasure on our Literature page. Hopefully, this will prove useful to you in the coming days…

O for a muse of fire

Our bending author hath pursued the story, but with a pen that is far from rough and all-unable. After several hours of work, a Shakespeare page has been created, containing a list of useful quotes from the play Henry V. We hope that they will prove useful to you.

This may interest you…

Notes on financial maths, specifically interest (both simple and compound) covering basic increase/decrease, more complex interest sums, different compounding periods and effective annual rates are up on our Paper I page.

A most interesting development, is it not?

(P.S, annuities will follow in a separate note)

May these notes by of great interest to you !

EDIT: Technical difficulties have delayed the upload of the notes on interest. We will keep you updated.

EDIT: The notes on interest are finally up, the technical difficulties having been dealt with.

Some sherry for the cold…

We are very excited to announce our first notes on the Afrikaans set work book Lien se lankstaanskoene by Derick van der Walt. A brief summary of the first 21 chapters (up until ‘Sjerrie vir die koue‘) and the introduction is now available on our new Afrikaans literatuur page. And, as we say on our Afrikaans page, you have nothing to fear from Afrikaans!

Update on History notes and Lien

Expanding upon our History section, we now cover some parts of South African history. Currently, we have notes on the Collapse of Apartheid (South Africa in the 1980s) and the Transition from Apartheid to Democracy (1990-1994) available for your perusal. Head on over to the History page to find them.

Also in the pipeline are notes on “Lien se lankstaanskoene” by Derick van der Walt, the Matric Afrikaans setwork book for many schools. We will keep you updated on their progress and hopefully you’ll be seeing them soon.

The Joys of Calculus

A delightful new note is up, running through the basics of differential calculus: first principles, the power rule and some examples are included. Includes a small side-dish of limits and average gradient.

Do enjoy!