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Some revised Chemistry notes, coming soon

Last night, I received an email from one Jenna Bing, with several documents containing chemistry notes attached. We are in the process are tidying up the contribution and our own notes for consistency, and hope to have them uploaded by tomorrow.

What really struck a chord is that Jenna said, “Its only a pleasure. You guys have helped our class. We are the first matrics in our school and your site has helped even our teachers at some points.” That we could be of assistance to an entire class, and even to the teachers, is really magnificent. We hope to continue to be of assistance to them.


Don’t forget to visit our GoFundMe page, or hit the PayPal button in our sidebar to donate to us, if you like what we are doing. And watch this space for the contributed notes!

Our First Donation, courtesy of Yuval Belisha

We have been running this site for a year and a bit now and, after roughly 43 000 views, we have received our first donation. Yesterday, a Yuval Belisha donated $2.00 to the cause.

Whoever you are, Yuval Belisha, take a bow. You’re awesome. And so is your name.

donation 1


So, dear reader, follow Yuval Belisha’s example and donate to the cause. We’ll be ever so happy if you do. You can either click on the PayPal button on the side, or follow this link to get there.

Many thanks to Nikita Batlis for our new header

Many thanks to the awesome Nikita Batlis for contributing our new header. It looks quite cool, doesn’t it? You should take a look at her Facebook page, if you have the time. Go on, I’ll wait.

In other news, the adverts visible on this site have started to pay off. Not very much though (and by not very much, I mean not even a dollar), so if you want to be really nice, you should click on that PayPal button in the sidebar to show your appreciation.

An Update on Ads

You may have noticed that, since last night, we have had a few adverts floating around the site. Don’t worry; they are perfectly harmless. In fact, they are rather beneficial. We hope that they will, with your help, allow us to keep the domain we currently use ( which is infinitely cooler looking than the old .wordpress thing we used to use.

You don’t need to click on them, or even look at them. But you do need to allow them to load for us to get the benefits. So if you’re using an ad-blocker, please consider allowing our site through it. It would mean ever so much to us. And tell your friends to visit us as often as possible!

Good luck!

New poetry and literature in the Xhosa section!

Thanks to the contribution from the amazing Claire Anderson, we are happy to announce that there is new poetry and chapter summaries up in the Xhosa section.

We hope they are helpful in the days ahead!

New Domain

It has been a long time since either Sean or I updated this blog, but know that we have not forgotten about it! Being at university means we have more work on our plates than we did last year, and so it is difficult to find the time to work on notes. We plan to return, as soon as our holidays begin, to creating high-quality (and free) study notes for your use.

What’s very clear, though, is that you have not forgotten about us. Since the beginning of this year alone, we have received over 7000 views, and exceeded 26000 all-time views. The vast majority of you are, our Stats page tells us, coming to us for help with Afrikaans poetry and the much-loved Afrikaans set-work book Lien se Lankstaanskoene, by Derick van der Walt. If the list of prescribed poems or the set-work ever change, do let us know and we shall do our best to compile notes on the new stuff as well.


A rather exciting new development, as you may possibly have noticed, is our recent purchase of a new domain name. We can now be found at though our old URL will re-direct you here, should you be slow to accept change. This purchase allows us to develop and build on our identity as a company, and will hopefully be of great benefit to both you and us.

One downside, however, is that this costs us money. Money that we don’t have a steady income to provide. So, once again, we appeal to you to donate to us, help cover the costs, and keep The Consulting Students alive! (the donation page, link on the side, is via PayPal. But don’t worry if you don’t have an account; scroll down and you’ll find an option to donate without PayPal)


We wish you the best of luck with your studies, and hope to see you again soon!

SA School Network

As you may have noticed, there’s a new image in our sidebar. It leads to SA School Network, a website that hopes to “connect all the relevant role-players within South African Education” and “to improve the state of education and ensure well- balanced individuals, to lead the country in the future.”

This is, we think, a worthy cause.


We have asked them to display a link to our site on their page. It is currently visible under Research here. We hope to reach a wider audience, and therefore spread our notes to many more people, in this way.

In order to further strengthen our connection to their cause, we have linked to their site on ours. So go take a look and, if you know of any sites that you feel they should link to, do let them know.

A New School Year

So, it’s back to school. Not for many of our visitors from last year, though. They (and we) are now finished. Done. Etc. And well done to everyone for that. Sean and I are currently waiting for registration to start at the University of Cape Town, where we will be spending the next few years of our lives.

We will hopefully continue to update this site with notes from our courses, and are looking into getting some new high school note compilers. Our notes are here for the Matrics of 2013 to use at their leisure. Spread the word!

We hope that, in our time making notes for your perusal, we have been able to help you get better marks than you would otherwise have gotten. If we helped just one of you, we’ll be happy.


On that note, if you feel that we did help you and want to show your gratitude, the Donate button on the right is waiting. If you don’t have a PayPal account, look at the bottom left of the screen after you click on the button.


Good luck! x

Lien character list

We know how you hate Lien. Really, we do. We also know that many exam questions are centered around obscure characters.

This is why we present to you a list of characters in Derick van der Walt’s Lien se lankstaanskoene.


It isn’t 100% complete or detailed but, used in conjunction with our chapter summaries and the novel itself should allow you to learn about characters you may never have heard of before. Find it here.


Good luck!

Poetry Notes available

(in limited quantities)


While both of us have been very busy studying for Physics, and continue to be busy studying for Chemistry, we have decided to make as many English poetry notes as we can before Thursday. Due to public demand.


Please note, however, that we may not upload notes on all the poems before then. But the ones we do manage to upload can be found on our new Poetry page. So far, we have covered “Trespasser” by Tatamkhulu Afrika, and “Touch” by Hugh Lewin.


Do take a look and may the Force be with you.