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New poetry and literature in the Xhosa section!

Thanks to the contribution from the amazing Claire Anderson, we are happy to announce that there is new poetry and chapter summaries up in the Xhosa section.

We hope they are helpful in the days ahead!

Poetry Notes available

(in limited quantities)


While both of us have been very busy studying for Physics, and continue to be busy studying for Chemistry, we have decided to make as many English poetry notes as we can before Thursday. Due to public demand.


Please note, however, that we may not upload notes on all the poems before then. But the ones we do manage to upload can be found on our new Poetry page. So far, we have covered “Trespasser” by Tatamkhulu Afrika, and “Touch” by Hugh Lewin.


Do take a look and may the Force be with you.

The ins and outs of Afrikaans poetry

Notes on 10 Afrikaans poems examined by the IEB are available on our Poësie page, including our latest addition to the list: Andre Letoit’s “In en Uit”. We hope that the notes will be of help to you as you prepare for tomorrow’s exam.

Special thanks

We’d like to thank Mawanda Mase and Richard McLean for their helping hand in translating a large proportion of the Xhosa poetry. Thanks for the help guys!

Thank you to our Poësie contributor:

The Consulting Students wish to extend their thanks to Kelly Fischer, who was so kind as to donate her notes on a wide range of Afrikaans poems for your use. May they serve you well!