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The Joys of Calculus

A delightful new note is up, running through the basics of differential calculus: first principles, the power rule and some examples are included. Includes a small side-dish of limits and average gradient.

Do enjoy!

Polylingualism at its finest

We now host an additional language – Afrikaans. For now, we have two notes (meervoude – plurals and afkortings – abbreviations) both kindly submitted by a guest contributor.

Take a look and, as always, feedback is appreciated!

History notes to be available in the future

Due, as my associate has put it, to popular demand we have opened up a History page, which will soon contain notes on The Cold War and other such exciting events.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

Life Sciences notes up!

We have finished the Life Sciences at long last. All the sections we have covered in class are up – we hope they are of assistance .

Good luck!

First Chemistry note available

The first addition to our Chemistry section has been made. A 6-pager on Hydrocarbons which includes alkanes, functional groups and different types of reactions.

Hopefully it will offer some form of assistance in your quest for knowledge !

Life Sciences notes now available

I have opened up a page for Life Sciences notes. So far, I’ve finished two sub-sections (Nucleic Acids and Protein Synthesis) and my associate is working on Environmental Studies notes as I type this. I hope to cover the following additional sections today:

  • Chromosomes and Meiosis
  • Genetics and Genetic Engineering
  • The Endocrine System

And if not today, then at least tomorrow:

  • Asexual and sexual reproduction
  • Flowers as reproductive structures
  • Human reproduction

I’m new around here

Hello everyone! I am the much anticipated associate. I will be helping with the Maths and Physics notes, as well as contributing the new “IsiXhosa Assistance” section. I hope to be of assistance to you all – good luck!

A Joint Enterprise

A fairly exciting development:

joining me in this enterprise is the John to my Sherlock, the Wilson to my House. You will know his presence by his Seattle Sonics watermark – it will be present in his notes. Mine will retain the “I Don’t Get It” Pirate. Hopefully, he will soon be included as an author on this blog and you will start to hear from him as well.