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Some revised Chemistry notes, coming soon

Last night, I received an email from one Jenna Bing, with several documents containing chemistry notes attached. We are in the process are tidying up the contribution and our own notes for consistency, and hope to have them uploaded by tomorrow.

What really struck a chord is that Jenna said, “Its only a pleasure. You guys have helped our class. We are the first matrics in our school and your site has helped even our teachers at some points.” That we could be of assistance to an entire class, and even to the teachers, is really magnificent. We hope to continue to be of assistance to them.


Don’t forget to visit our GoFundMe page, or hit the PayPal button in our sidebar to donate to us, if you like what we are doing. And watch this space for the contributed notes!

First Chemistry note available

The first addition to our Chemistry section has been made. A 6-pager on Hydrocarbons which includes alkanes, functional groups and different types of reactions.

Hopefully it will offer some form of assistance in your quest for knowledge !

Chemistry notes in the pipeline

I will be uploading some Organic Chemistry notes soon, but I am focusing on Life Sciences at the moment due to our exam being on Monday.

Good luck!