This is the History notes page, started by popular demand. Any requests are welcome, hope to be of assistance!

The Cold War

Historiography of the Cold War

The Cold War

China in the Cold War

The Cold War and the Middle East

The Impact of the Collapse of the USSR

The Effect of the Collapse of the USSR on Africa



South African History

Collapse of Apartheid

Transition from Apartheid to Democracy

Post-1994 South Africa (The GNU, RDP, LCC and TRC)

Protest Movements

Civil Rights Movement

Black Power Movement

Women’s Movement

Disarmament & Peace Movement

Student Movement

Black Consciousness

Soweto Uprising & Protests

Protests in SA in 1980s

Protests in Eastern Europe in 1980s


  2. are the notes you’ve made on south african history the only stuff we have to study for the test?

  3. hey guys, any globalization notes?

  4. What sections must we study for History Paper 2 again?

  5. Dont you guys make art notes?

  6. Hi guys any notes on the Vietnam war?

    • Hi there, unfortunately I am too busy to make notes on this part of history. But, when I do have the time, this will be on the agenda!
      Thanks for commenting!

  7. Hey guys. Thanks for the notes! they are awesome.

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