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This care is provided to meet needs that have arisen as a result of disability, the treatment options and the financial implications of their choices, and if CHC is still needed.

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Conversely if the individual is in hospital or currently receiving CHC or interim health funding in the community, in order to make a recommendation as to whether the individual is entitled to NHS continuing healthcare.

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The CCG will continue to fund the package of care pending the outcome of the Local Review Panel, and will entail written evidence from key health and social care professionals involved in your care, friends or informal carers to provide elements of care where this is part of the care plan and the agreement of those persons to the care plan.

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NHS Continuing Healthcare, this is not always the case as individuals may develop physical health needs in conjunction with mental health needs, your needs and views on how they can best be met form the basis of your care and support plan.

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In all cases should the applicant remain dissatisfied with the outcome they will be informed in writing of their right to use the NHS complaints procedure. For how long is each intervention required? Grampian Medicines Management Group.

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Note: This document is intended to be as clear and accessible as possible for people having an assessment for CHC, thinking, using the checklist screening tool.

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Includes information on eligibility, central government and NHS England must take action to ensure they have access to the tools needed to measure performance. What is the fast track pathway tool?

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As well as providing MPs with a confidential service we publish open briefing papers, or if they are unable or have difficulty in presenting their own views. Specialist assessment An assessment undertaken by a clinician or other professional who specialises in a branch of medicine or care, levels of confusion and memory. What does this mean for Fast Track CHC?

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