This page contains notes on a variety of poems examined by the IEB. Please note that each note represents only one interpretation of the poems, and so opinions may vary:

Crossing Over – Chris Mann

Touch – Hugh Lewin

Trespasser – Tatamkhulu Afrika

The Tyger – William Blake

  1. Just in case you guys dont get to finish.. theres an incredible website with brilliant analysis for some of our set poems like Milton on his Blindness, Tyger, Ode to Autmn n a few more (the complex one) Its: http://www.shmoop.com/poetry/

  2. Thanks so much, guys! It’s been a struggle to find notes on the South African poetry online. Good luck for Chem. Here’s to hoping it’s a bit better than Physics was.

  3. hey, there are not enough poems here

    • Yes, thank you for your input.
      Unfortunately, those were the only poems either of us had time to make notes on last year, during our Matric Finals. And as we are both now at university, we have not had a chance to add new notes in any section.
      If you would like to see notes added on a specific poem, do tell us. Now that we are on holiday we may have time to make some ourselves or, more likely, find someone currently studying the material to make notes for us.
      Good luck

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