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O for a muse of fire

Our bending author hath pursued the story, but with a pen that is far from rough and all-unable. After several hours of work, a Shakespeare page has been created, containing a list of useful quotes from the play Henry V. We hope that they will prove useful to you.

This may interest you…

Notes on financial maths, specifically interest (both simple and compound) covering basic increase/decrease, more complex interest sums, different compounding periods and effective annual rates are up on our Paper I page.

A most interesting development, is it not?

(P.S, annuities will follow in a separate note)

May these notes by of great interest to you !

EDIT: Technical difficulties have delayed the upload of the notes on interest. We will keep you updated.

EDIT: The notes on interest are finally up, the technical difficulties having been dealt with.

Protest section up

Notes on the Protest section are up on our History page for your studying pleasure. Criticism is welcome!

As said by the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Good luck!

Some sherry for the cold…

We are very excited to announce our first notes on the Afrikaans set work book Lien se lankstaanskoene by Derick van der Walt. A brief summary of the first 21 chapters (up until ‘Sjerrie vir die koue‘) and the introduction is now available on our new Afrikaans literatuur page. And, as we say on our Afrikaans page, you have nothing to fear from Afrikaans!

Update on History notes and Lien

Expanding upon our History section, we now cover some parts of South African history. Currently, we have notes on the Collapse of Apartheid (South Africa in the 1980s) and the Transition from Apartheid to Democracy (1990-1994) available for your perusal. Head on over to the History page to find them.

Also in the pipeline are notes on “Lien se lankstaanskoene” by Derick van der Walt, the Matric Afrikaans setwork book for many schools. We will keep you updated on their progress and hopefully you’ll be seeing them soon.

The Joys of Calculus

A delightful new note is up, running through the basics of differential calculus: first principles, the power rule and some examples are included. Includes a small side-dish of limits and average gradient.

Do enjoy!

Polylingualism at its finest

We now host an additional language – Afrikaans. For now, we have two notes (meervoude – plurals and afkortings – abbreviations) both kindly submitted by a guest contributor.

Take a look and, as always, feedback is appreciated!

History notes to be available in the future

Due, as my associate has put it, to popular demand we have opened up a History page, which will soon contain notes on The Cold War and other such exciting events.

Feel free to make suggestions in the comments!

Thank you to our young guest contributor!

A big thank you to our young guest contributor who has contributed two notes in our Xhosa Language section called “Tenses” and “Passive voice”

We hope to see more guest contributions in the future!

Life Sciences notes up!

We have finished the Life Sciences at long last. All the sections we have covered in class are up – we hope they are of assistance .

Good luck!