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New poetry and literature in the Xhosa section!

Thanks to the contribution from the amazing Claire Anderson, we are happy to announce that there is new poetry and chapter summaries up in the Xhosa section.

We hope they are helpful in the days ahead!

Physics notes added

We have added notes on wave-fronts, momentum and energy on our Physics page. We hope they will be of assistance!

Special thanks

We’d like to thank Mawanda Mase and Richard McLean for their helping hand in translating a large proportion of the Xhosa poetry. Thanks for the help guys!

Xhosa poems added

Inkedama, Imbalela, Umz’ Omtsha and Umzimba Wam have all been added to our poetry list on the Xhosa literature page. Take a look!

Xhosa, History and Afrikaans

A small reminder for all you IEB bees that next week there is Xhosa 1, History 2 and Afrikaans 1.

Take a look at the pages so you can drop some heavy knowledge!

A new miscellaneous page!

We have just added a new miscellaneous page to our blog. This page will contain all the subjects that do not have a large collection of notes and will mainly be from guest contributors.

Our first, and only, note is on Design History and a special thanks to Nikita Batlis for the contribution.

Check it out, you arty types!

Protest section up

Notes on the Protest section are up on our History page for your studying pleasure. Criticism is welcome!

As said by the leader of the Civil Rights Movement, Martin Luther King, “We are not makers of history. We are made by history.”

Good luck!

Thank you to our young guest contributor!

A big thank you to our young guest contributor who has contributed two notes in our Xhosa Language section called “Tenses” and “Passive voice”

We hope to see more guest contributions in the future!

Life Sciences notes up!

We have finished the Life Sciences at long last. All the sections we have covered in class are up – we hope they are of assistance .

Good luck!

First Chemistry note available

The first addition to our Chemistry section has been made. A 6-pager on Hydrocarbons which includes alkanes, functional groups and different types of reactions.

Hopefully it will offer some form of assistance in your quest for knowledge !