Often the bane of students, Afrikaans: First Additional Language is now covered by The Consulting Students. We offer notes on taal (language), literatuur (literature) and poësie (poetry).

You have nothing to fear from Afrikaans, remember that.

Good luck to you.

  1. Daniel Pfeiffer

    I’m rather desperately looking for an english version of “Lien se Lankstaanskoene”, a common matric afr reader. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Unfortunately, a quick search of the publisher’s website didn’t yield anything relating to an English version of Lien. The closest you could get would more than likely be our chapter summaries. Either that, or find someone to translate the book for you.

  2. Daniel Pfeiffer

    Thank you. I also have another question. Ive heard that what might seriously help in exams and tests is knowing what you are being asked. Do you have a sort of list and/or description of common question words and how best to answer them? For all kinds of exam questions not simply literature.

    • We do not have such a list, I am afraid, and since I am busy with university right now it is unlikely that I will find time to make one. However, I will try to have someone make one before the next batch of exams (hopefully)

  3. Hi…Me again, umm…dont suppose you guys had notes for Paljas lying around anywhere? thanks again for the other notes 😀 your chapter summaries are far better than the ones in the study guides 😛

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