High school can be a stressful time for many students. Balancing their personal lives with various projects and tests can be hell, which makes studying for said tests twice as hellish. Fortunately for students everywhere, two students were bored enough to come to their rescue. Why should you consult amateurs for help with your schooling? Especially when the world’s only consulting students are right here at your fingertips.


We have confidence that our notes are of high quality, but we do make typos and errors. We also are not aware of what may be in your test/ exam and our notes be useless in this regard. It is also worth noting that when studying a subject it is important that one studies with more than one source.

Please note that you are free to print these notes out, save them to your computer and show them to your friends so long as you do not take credit for them. Please do not upload our notes anywhere else; instead, provide people with a link back here. We care about your education, but we care about our name as well.

In addition, if any teachers want to use our notes in their lessons we ask that you please notify and credit us.

We hope to be of assistance to you.


The Consulting Students




Bottaro, J., Visser, P. & Worden, N., 2009. Oxford in Search of History. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

Grogan, J. & Suter, R., 2010. Mind Action Series: Life Sciences 12. s.l.: Allcopy Publishers.

Horn, W. & Venter, L., 2009. Exam Success Study Guide: Physical Sciences. Cape Town: Oxford University Press.

Johnson, S., 2006. The Native Commissioner. Cape Town: Penguin Book (South Africa).

Shakespeare, W., 1993. King Henry V. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

van der Walt, D., 2008. Lien se lankstaanskoene. Cape Town: Tafelberg.


  1. do you have any notes on maths literacy?

    • Unfortunately, as neither of us do Maths Literacy, we do not have any notes for it. We may attempt to source some, but do not depend on that 100% as we have other exams coming up.
      Good luck!

  2. So where are your sources coming from. I get that you tell people your sources are of high quality, but I fell like I need some proof because I can’t find any references for any of your “notes.”

    • Thank you for your comment, Jeremy, and for being questioning as well.
      The majority of our notes are based around South Africa’s Independent Examination Board’s curriculum. As such we use the prescribed textbooks and the knowledge provided by our teachers. Here’s an off-hand list of the textbooks being used:
      Exam Success: Physical Sciences Grade 12, by Wendy Horn and Lize Venter
      Mind Action Series: Life Science Grade 12, by J. Grogan and R. Suter
      Oxford in Search of History Grade 12, by Jean Bottaro, Pippa Visser and Nigel Worden

      These are used in conjunction with the notes and lessons given by our teachers.

      We hope that this answers your question.

  3. Your notes are wonderful!

  4. Your website have saved my life, thank you! Do you by any chance have any notes on the Beneficiaries by Sarah Penny? Some ieb Schools have chosen that as their set work book.

  5. Hello, I have noticed a lack of IT notes, I would be happy to send in some? Please tell me where I could send them in to? Thank you for all the wonderful notes!

    • Thank you for the offer! If you click on my avatar, next to any one of my comments, it will take you to a page that has my email address on it
      Thank you! And good luck!

  6. Writing Chemistry tomorrow, big thanks for the notes! loving them to bits and they are so helpful. Everything I need and fits nicely with the Exam Success book.

    Again, THANK YOU!
    Richard Niyaki

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