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Worksites can encourage physical activity through a multicomponent approach of offering management support, physical access to opportunities, policies, and social support programs.

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None of these studies found significant effects on BMI or other physiological indicators, although all three reported significantly greater increases in physical activity among children participating in the programs compared to controls.

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Bridging the Evidence Ga. Curr Opin Clin Nutr Metab Care. Wen Tseng, MD, MPH, MSEE. Do Genes Have a Role in Obesity? In: American Academy of Pediatrics. If you build them, commuters will use them.

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Gathering and using data to identify and monitor obesity disparities through a health equity lens State and community level data can provide direction as to how and where to concentrate obesity prevention efforts to achieve health equity.

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What does Medicaid cover? Deseret News Publishing Company. Portland, OR: The Food Alliance. Please complete all fields below. Available online at: www. Unnatural Causes Unnatural Causes is a seven part documentary series with an associated toolkit and discussion guide about health equity useful for the layperson and public health professionals alike.

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Healthy communities toolkit: How you can work toward creating healthy communities.

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